February 17, 2020


My brother, Rusty, is in special forces in the army and is currently stationed in North Carolina. When he is in uniform, he is straight faced and stern but below that camouflage, he’s all heart.

He met his wife, Helen, 20 years ago in a taxi cab while they were both on a common business trip.

I’m pretty sure I was also in that taxi cab. So, I like to take credit for all the good in their relationship. They have been married 14 years and this year he wanted to show more of his heartfelt side and I said I would help him.

His favorite song is First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. I used that as a starting point to get the overall vibe he was looking for.

When I wrote the outline I realized there was just so much that has gone into their 20 year journey so instead of the ‘Verse, Chorus, Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus’ model, I decided to go with the A-B-A-B Model with a repeating lead-in that (kind of) acts as a chorus.

It was really fun to go back in time with him and get this song done in time for valentines day.

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  1. Dear Chelsea,
    Beautiful song, it brings back a lot of wonderful memories of the years my wife and I lived in Apache Junction. We truly loved the times at the ROCKIN R RANCH, it was great meeting you and your family on several of our visits to the ranch. Unfortunately my dear wife passed away (totally unexpectedly) almost 5 years ago. We had planned on at least one more trip to the ROCKIN R. I have since moved back to Indiana to be closer to my kids and grandkids. Once again I must say that the song was great it brought tears to my eyes listing to the music and thinking of my wife!! Thank you and GOD bless you and your family.

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