Lean Back in your saddle with

The Rockin' R Wranglers

Mesa, Az

Get a piece of Arizona History. 

For 35 years, Jim & Mary Robson and the rest of the Rockin' R Wranglers made their home at the "Rockin' R Ranch" in Mesa, Arizona with songs and humor of the Old West!

A taste of the Old West

From 1983 -2018, it was more than just a dinner theater. It was a full western town that was fun for the whole family and a staple of tourism to the community in the East Valley. 

All chapters must come to an end but you can still get a piece of history for your collection...


The Wranglers are famous for their specific blend of classic country music wrapped up with a healthy dose of cowboy humor. Each member of the band has their own style and personality that makes you feel like you are one of the cowhands out on the trail.

a family legacy

Jim and Mary involved their whole family as they entertained more than 100 shows every year. Their daughter, Chelsea, grew up performing there since she was 4 years old. Today, she still performs and even writes love songs for people just like you!

5 Album Collection

3 live shows and two studio albums

Relive the Experience 

The Wranglers' Anthology is now available!

Collector's edition

It doesn't matter if you are new to the sounds of the Rockin' R Wranglers or if you grew up going to the shows, this 5 disc set is the best way to sit back in your saddle (or recliner) and imagine yourself back in the Old West. 

Some songs are old time favorites and others are original to the performers but all the songs will bring a memory to mind and a smile to your face!

These albums are not available anywhere else!

What Listeners Say

We loved it! Every bit. Thanks for providing a fun and wholesome experience! 

Laura R

The entertainment is first class and fun for the whole family!

Dan S

We love everything about the Rockin' R Wranglers! The heritage, the history, and the down home fun.

Sarah B