February 20, 2020


We all have that place we go when we need a mental vacation. Chris and Michael spend many of their actual vacations on some exotic beach. I was jealous.

I was excited, though, to pull out my underutilized ukulele and create something fun and carefree.

Coming up with a “hook” is really the hardest part of any custom song. Normally, I let the ideas roll around in my head. I take my dog for a walk and just let myself sing nonsense to myself until something sticks.

This song was a little more difficult to put together because of how simple it had to be. The idea of working hard and needing a break was what came easily. The chorus wasn’t too difficult, either. It was that elusive verse two…

I didn’t know where to go because I felt like I had already used up all the “good stuff.” It’s silly thinking about my struggle now, but I had been staring at my computer screen for at least 40 minutes. I was there so long the song became real to me. My back WAS tight. My eyes WERE weak… Then I imagined what I would do on this island. “Ahhaaa!” I finally finished the idea.

Thank you Chris and Michael for inspiring this fun little ditty!

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